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Happy Old Days

It’s always a happy feeling when you find out that all that stuff you used to own and spent significant effort building turns out to still be happily turning the cogs and cranking out good stuff.

All hail then….

…the printsearch web interface to Active Directory, giving you all your local printers in a dynamic and if I might say so fashionable and corporately branded way.  Last touched sometime in 2007, still going strong.

…the unique windows administrator password infrastructure (build painstakingly in vbs, with a client application, a server application and a pretty web interface to let you know how to log on to that stupid windows box that the idiot removed from the domain), untouched by human hands since 2007 and still churning out those passwords.

…the networked pdf print queue, delivering PDFs to your inbox for free since 2006 and still saving those Acrobat licences.

We hail you, and remark in passing what an excellent job it must have been to put them together that they might continue working unmolested and unmaintained.

I just hope they’re not lonely.


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