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On Resigning

So - you resign from $job. Congratulations, it’s a big step. You’re probably, like most people, suffering from mild organisational Stockholm Syndrome and feel a bit angsty about leaving. What if it’s a mistake. What if I don’t like it. What if what if what if.

At this point, chill. It’s probably just a job, and there are plenty more. You’re decided to move on because you hate it/it’s time to move/time for a change/money etc.

But what if $job turn around and say - no - wait - we want to counter offer before we accept your resignation.

My thinking on this is simple. If you’re leaving because of being underpaid, or a lack of recognition or you hate it, don’t rescind. Move on.

If you are worth more to them than you’re being paid, and you’ve already pointed this out before (which of course you have) and without the threat of you leaving they just sat on their hands shaking their heads they didn’t pony anything up, fuck ‘em.

Culturally, fuck ‘em.

If you complained about any of the reasons for that ultimately made you want to leave and nothing happened while you were there, and on the materialisation of you leaving all of a sudden it’s all “Please don’t go - we love you really and won’t beat you again, and here are some chocolates”, that’s an abusive relationship.

Move on. There are plenty more jobs, opportunities and happiness to be found.

You resigned, you’ve checked out - don’t do yourself the harm of thinking they’ll change. They never do.