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Not Going Phishing

A short thought today.

My bank invites you on their homepage to send them a tweet in the event that you’ve got any problems.  I assume this is to help in in the eventuality that you can’t pick up the phone, or use their interwebnet banking service.

Their website today, and a couple of times over the last couple of days has been and is now a bit broken - it displays HTML source rather than actually rendering the site.

My experiment with social media triggered the ‘must tweet them’ library in my brain, and was about to but then thought the following things:

1/ I want to tell them their site is broken,
2/ I can’t be arsed to phone them, but I can’t use their website to tell them,
3/ I could tweet them, but then I’d be telling the world that I’m a <bankname> customer,
4/ I should expect abuse for telling the world where I keep all my money if I did this,
5/ I should probably go get a cup of coffee and wait for someone else to fix it.

I checked the twitter briefly, and I now know that if I want to steal money from 3 randoms on the interwebs at least where to start trying to tickle their current account.

Banks - please don’t encourage people to advertise where they keep their money publicly on the interwebs - it’s probably not wise.